D-W Wilson Services Ltd. is committed to environmental protection and the broader integration of environment and economic priorities, in all aspects of our business. We aim to ensure that recognized environmental standards and legal requirements are met.

D-W Wilson’s policy:

  • Environmental hazards are identified prior to work commencement, are continuously assessed and managed in coordination with the client for safe disposal.  Unless stated otherwise, the client shall be responsible for waste generated by work on site. 


  • The company will ensure environmental standards and practices including the organization, proper handling, storage, transportation and disposal of waste and scrap material, are within or will exceed legal requirements.


  • Strive to prevent incidents that result in environmental impacts.


  • Facilities are designed, operated and maintained in a way that will meet or exceed environmental standards. This includes recycling waste whenever practicable.


  • All employees and others engaged on our behalf are aware of the need for and informed of the requirements including the use of proper PPE.  All workers will be trained in Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System (WHMIS 2015), including the use of Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and trained to manage hazardous product waste on site and protection of the environment.


  • Open and frequent communication with regulatory agencies to clearly understand the environmental requirement and maintain a positive working relationship.


  • Quick and effective response to incidents resulting from our operations and co-operation with industry organizations and authorized government agencies.


  • Operations and management processes and environmental performance are audited to measure performance achievement to use as a basis for further improvement.

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