• Hold and maintain a zero accident rating.

  • All personnel working under D-W Wilson Services Ltd. receive adequate training before starting work.

  • Use the competency program to better our employees, subcontractors, and vendors.

  • Hold all personnel working under D-W Wilson Services Ltd. to the highest safety standards.

  • Make sure all personnel are made aware of D-W Wilson Services Ltd's rules and legal responsibilities.

  • Maintain an above average score on COR audits.

  • Be a company that is a leader in the safety industry.

  • Push the required standards.

  • Complete all corrective actions in a timely manner.

  • Listen to all person's criticism to better the company.

  • Continually review and improve the HSE program.

  • Work continuously to protect our personnel.

  • Audit recommendations will be implemented.

  • Allow for proper communication.

  • Keep safety effective, but simple.


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